Public trails for our community

Fellowship of the Wheel is a non-profit that advocates for and maintains 120+ miles (7 networks in 7 towns) of public multi-use trails in Chittenden County, VT. We work with private and municipal landowners to create responsibly-built, sustainable trails for the greater community to enjoy their surrounding environment through recreation. FOTW completes over 3500 hours of trail work each season, through the direction of the Trail Crew, with over 1000 hours of volunteer commitment. Funding sources include financial donations from local businesses, partnerships with similar organizations, grants, fundraisers, and membership dues.

By advocating for outdoor recreation opportunities, building with the most sustainable practices, and educating the community we are able to provide people of all ages and fitness levels a chance to appreciate their environment. Trails pass beautiful scenery and historic sites, they link towns, and trails bring community volunteers together while assisting with the creation and maintenance of responsibly-built public trails. It is our hope that this will inspire people to care about their environment in such a way that they make conscious decisions to protect it.

Your involvement is critical to our continued success. Join the Fellowship today, come out to our trail days, and do your part to keep multi-use trails open. Enjoy!

The Fellowship of the Wheel Trail Crew was named Vermont Trail Builder of the Year in 2013 and has been voted the Best VMBA Chapter for the last few years!

If you’d like to volunteer or help Fellowship of the Wheel

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Who we are:

Board of Directors

Tom Kupfer, President
Stephanie Baer, Vice President
Brittany Garland, Treasurer
Mike Woods, Secretary
Dan Hock
Adam Morse
Vinnie Westphal
Carolyn Lawrence
Gage O’Donnell


Mickey Stone

Mickey is our Trails Director. He lives in Huntington, VT, and has been with the Fellowship of the Wheel since 2001. He brings more than 30 years of construction, masonry, and design experience to the trails in combination with a Master’s equivalency in horticulture, hydrology, and limnology. A former landscape designer, Mickey’s expertise is an essential component of FOTW’s mission to provide sustainable trails for our community. A long-time PSIA telemark and Nordic examiner, educator, and mentor, Mickey is a key cog in communications with landowners, volunteers, and youth crews.


Rosy Metcalfe

Rosy is the new Programs Director. She recently relocated back to Vermont after working in the Massachusetts Public School System as an early childhood social worker and mental health clinician. She has a Masters degree from Smith College, and has worked for ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, the Howard Center, Washington West Supervisory Union and as a mountain bike instructor for the Dirt Divas program at Vermont Works for Women. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike down steep trails and learning about herpetology.

The Fellowship of the Wheel Honor Code:

You are the Fellowship

• Have fun
• Introduce a kid to the trails
• Respect your surroundings
• Be friendly to all
• Be prepared: Yourself and your bike
• Appreciate the landowners who make your trail use privilege possible
• Encourage membership in The Fellowship of the Wheel
• Park and drive responsibly
• Participate in Trail Days and Fellowship events
• Report any trail issues to