Recent Trail Crew News and a Big Thanks to Josh Finkelstein!

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The crew took a long needed week off from the spring maintenance and the summer building season last week.  Twelve uninterrupted weeks out on the trails in our seven networks maintaining, renovating, shedding water, building bridges/features, benching and out slopping the trails has a tendency to take a toll on your body.  Fortunately, our timing was great because it was a wet week with several cold fronts moving through so we would have had to take some days off anyway.  A big thank-you to Josh Finkelstein, CVU graduate from Charlotte who has worked with us since June.  Josh did his senior community project with FOTW last season and liked it so much he wanted to work full time.  This is Josh’s second season with us and he is headed to Northeastern College in Massachusetts next week.  His course of study will be chemical engineering.  Thanks Josh for a great hard working season and good luck in the big city.


            The TC moved from Saxon Hills to the south side of HTF to work on the grueling Back Door trail that links the HTF to Carse Hills.  After a quick walk through with local Chris Hill (an avid biker and supporter of FOTW) we flagged and tagged the areas that needed renovation.  On Monday 8/18 the TC and 35 Green Mountain Valley School kids and teachers joined us for a volunteer workday.  Sam Jackson of GMVS organized three groups of athletes to work in the Waitsfield Valley and over the mountain to work outside their community.  This community outreach was part of their orientation before classes start on Tuesday.  We split the athletes up in six groups and hiked them one and half miles up the trail and began derooting, benching, armoring and shedding water.  They were fun, animated and a huge help.  Thanks GMVS, see you on the slopes.


            With a great start on Back Door by the GMVS students, the TC decided to finish the week out there on the south side of HTF on Back Door.  Several reroutes were put in and lots and lots of derooting.  This trail gets a lot of use by our “epic riders” who like to go from Richmond or Sleepy Hollow through HTF to Carse and back the same way.  This one and half mile trail can be grueling to climb especially if it is wet.   The trail meanders through a deciduous hardwood forest with over 50% beech trees dominating the population.  Beech trees have many surface roots that run like fingers on the ground and can be very slippery even when dry.  Our goal was to make it a less strenuous climb.  So check it out on Friday of this week when we finish our first phase.  With the weather cooling now is the time for the epic ride, but now you can climb Back Door instead of taking Main Road back.


The TC will be back at Saxon next week to finish the roller coaster on Flo.

And just because it bears repeating…
News from the Hinesburg Town Forest
The Hinesburg Town Forest Committee has just completed some great work on the Economou Road / Eagle Trail to improve tread surface and drainage. They ask that all users please WALK ONLY through the new work to avoid creating tire ruts while the trail stabilizes for the next month. 
Please Help Fellowship Expand the Trail Network in the HTF
The Hinesburg Town Forest Committee currently has two vacancies. The Committee has final say over what goes in the Forest – and it has not always looked favorably on mountain biking, even now. Fellowship would love to expand our network in the HTF and this will not happen unless we get better support on the HTF Committee. You must be a Hinesburg resident and attend one meeting a month.
Contact Chris Haviland at of the Hinesburg Town Office at of call 802.482.2281 x1223 for info. 

Enjoy the Trails

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