Grassroots Enduro – Sleepy Hollow

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Vermont Grassroots Enduro Series is partnering with Fellowship of the Wheel and Richmond Mountain Trails to bring some fun and welcoming opportunities for you, the community, to try racing!

Join us for a round of casual and fun racing! This Enduro style event is meant to be a friendly and supportive atmosphere to encourage new riders and experienced riders alike to come outside and play. The event will showcase 2 stages, but the open format allows you to choose to do one or both! This year, we will not have distinct categories, but a simple single results sheet! We will have prizes and schwag to give away, so whether you come through the finish line with a sigh of relief for completing your first ever enduro or mashing the pedals to improve your time from last year, we will have tokens of our appreciation for your participation!

This is the first of a series of events which are intended to increase course length and difficulty as the summer goes on. The first course at Sleepy Hollow is the perfect intro to racing, with 2 courses which are intermediate and a mix of machine built and some rooty single track. Transfer out to stage 1 on Tatooine and Millenium Falcon to race Kessel Run and the end of Han Solo. Then transfer out to stage 2 on Tatooine and Storm Trooper to race down portions of old and new Storm Trooper and finishing on Tatooine back to the parking lot. Join us and let the good times roll.

Fellowship VMBA Members entry fee of $15.

Non-Fellowship or Non-VMBA Members entry fee of $23 to support Sleepy Hollow day use prices.

You can pre-register by clicking here.

ON SITE REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE! Riders can register starting at 4:30 PM and end by 6:00PM. Racing will begin at 5:30 PM and end by 8:00 PM

Refunds will be available if the event is postponed or cancelled due to weather.

All proceeds from tickets go directly towards supporting Sleepy Hollow and your FOTW trails!

If you have a number plate from any previous Grassroots events bring it with you.

We can’t wait to see you all!

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