RIDE CANCELLED due to Rain- Women’s Ride at Catamount- Inclusive to all who identify as she/her

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***Ride Cancelled due to rain in the interest of caring for Catamount’s trails***
Hi everyone, we needed to make a last minute location change from Saxon to Catamount. Please spread the word. Thanks to Catamount for helping us out! There will be no charge for the ride, but we ask that you sign in at the Fellowship of the Wheel Table in the parking area designated for our group by the Fellowship banner. There will also be a Tuesday night running race, so make sure to park in the area designated for us. Thanks!

Join us for our first women’s ride of the year. Meet at 6:00PM and hit the trail at 6:15. All folx who generally identify as she/her are welcome! These rides are “no-drop”, meaning we don’t leave anyone behind. We generally have at least two groups at every ride… one that runs at a mellow pace on easier trails and another group that is interested in more advanced trails. The goal is for everyone to have a good time and not feel pressured, so generally these rides are social and not “hammerfests”. At minimum, all riders should be comfortable with climbing, descending, and turning at a mellow pace on forested single track.

There will be an optional social gathering offsite after the ride, so come hang out afterwards! Location TBD.

Check Trail Conditions More Info Here